How to earn the Red Daisy Girl Scout Petal

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The red Daisy petal is the part of the Girl Scout law that means to be “Courageous and Strong.” This is a very important lesson for girls to learn.

For the first part of this petal (courage), you can have your girls make courage crowns to wear whenever they feel the need to be brave! Simply cut strips of blue poster board (blue for the color of Daisy Girl Scouts) into 2″ thickness. Wrap the strip around in a circle and glue the ends. It only needs to be big enough to fit on top of the head like a crown. You can decorate the crowns with daisy and smiley foam stickers.

Ask the girls when they think they may need to wear their crowns. It could be when they are trying something new or making new friends. They can also write the ideas they come up with on their crowns.

For the second part of the petal (strong), you can talk with your girls about what it means to be strong. Strength comes in many forms. Explain to your troop that you can be strong like picking up something heavy, or be strong and stick up for yourself to a bully or stick up for someone else that is being picked on.

It’s great for girls this age to start learning about courage and strength especially since they are just starting to build friendships. If you are able to instill in them the sense of courage and strength, it will carry on with them for a long time.


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