How To Find the Highest Paying CPC Ads In Your Niche

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Finding the highest paying CPC (cost per click) keywords can help you earn the most from your Google Adsense ads. This tool is designed for Adwords clients to help them figure out what the average price per click it will cost them to run ads in that niche, but fortunately you can use it for your own advantage. If you aren’t familiar with the Adwords: Keyword Tool, I recommend spending some time to familiarize yourself with it and learn how it can help you focus your topics into “Google friendly” phrases.

Step One

Login to the page at Like it was stated above in the introduction, if you aren’t familiar with this tool spend some time getting to know it’s features. It is one of the most valuable tools for developing your Adsense campaign.

Step Two

Define your niche topics. From the main Keyword Tool screen you can enter multiple words or phrases that you would like to search. 

Since this article is related to Adsense, CPC, and keywords those will be the topics we search.

Enter your words into the box in the center of the screen, separate the phrases on different lines, enter the Captcha and click the “Get Keyword Ideas” button.

Step Three


Sort your results. On the right side of the screen there is a drop down box titled “Show/hide columns,” click this box and choose “Show estimated Avg. CPC.” This adds a column to the left of your list with dollar amount averages for your keywords. To organize this list by highest average CPC, click twice on the blue hyperlink in the top column that reads “Estimated Avg. CPC.”

See the screenshot above for further clarification.

Step Four

You can now see which keywords have the highest average CPC in your niche. This can help you decide which topics to write about for your monetized blog (or how-to site!!)

Remember to apply other keyword targeting techniques to make sure that these types of ads appear on your page/site. Just knowing about them won’t put them up!


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