How to Apply Your Make-Up

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1. It is important to choose the proper colors in both foundation and power. You can find the shade closest to your skin tones by testing them on the inside of your wrist. Choose a color that blends into your personal skin tones. Your looking for a clean look, not a pasty one.

2. Apply make-up to a clean surface. In other words, don’t skip the cleansing routine that works for you. And moisturize. Keep your skin healthy.

3. To begin, dot your forehead, both cheeks, your nose and your chin with the foundation and blend upward. You will also want to completely cover the exposed skin of your neck. No one wants their make-up to cut off prematurely. An obvious break line in skin and make-up is a big no-no.

4. Once you are happy with the foundation apply your blush. Again, only a shade or two above your skin tone. Your going for a muted not clownish look. Apply with a light hand and be sure to blend the blush into your skin so its not two big spots of color but rather a slight glow.

5. Apply your shadow to suit the time of day or occasion. You want a muted soft look for the day, or for the work place. Save your glittery sparkle for the evening and entertaining. You can also go with a more flamboyant look at night, but control yourself for daytime.

6. Liner takes a steady hand. You can get a better application by resting your pinkie on your cheek as you draw your line. Finish off your look with a lengthening lash color.

7. Seal the look by smoothing on your powder, blending upwards. Always upward.

8. For those of you who use a three powder re-grime, begin with the foundation/tint, dusting it over your face with a twirling movement. Apply the glow/bronzing in the same way, following with the finish.

9. Outline your lips with a thin line of lip liner. Choose a color one shade darker than the shade of lipstick. Once your lines are drawn, fill in the lips with your color. You can brighten the color with a clear gloss if you like. Blot, and add your fragrance.

Remember, applying make-up doesn’t have to be a stresser if you use common sense


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