How to Benefit from the New Economic Stimulus package

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Many jobs in education and law enforcement will be saved instead of cut out completely. Hopefully this will go into effect sooner than later.

Benefit 2:
Low income families already receiving assistance will see a bonus check as early as this spring. Families will also receive the first portion of assistance tax free.

Benefit 3:
Persons recieving social security benefits will also see a bonus check up to $250.00 coming as early as this spring.

Benefit 4:
Homeowners purchasing upgrades by way of energy efficiency will see added tax credits. This does not include energy efficient light bulbs or CFLs. The upgrades include siding and / or window replacement, solar panel installation, etc.

Benefit 5:
Anyone purchasing a new vehicle can write off the taxes paid – up to a certain amount. Originally we were going to be able to write off the interest paid on the car loan, but that perk got nixed.

Benefit 6:
Higher education: students enrolling in college will see a slight rise in the amounts given through financial government grants. Parents paying college tuition will see a higher tax credit.

Benefit 7:
Middle class taxpayers with see a few dollars more in their paychecks from tax cuts. There are limits to the amounts based on income for single filers and joint filers. Employers have been asked to make this effective by April 1, 2009 – though it may take a little while to catch up.

All of the above will take some time for everyone to see the actual benefits. For the most part, everyone should see some part of this plan.


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