Make Money Online, Scam or Blessing?

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No, there is no magic product, magic tutorial which when you read you can instantly start making money. Thats not how it works. I had the opportunity to read a few of these “Make money” e-books and they are more or less, the same. The point of selling such guides and e-books, eventually tutorials is of course money, money from your wallet. 99% of e-books are nearly same except few things. The magic ways they write about is using google ad-sense, reselling “trash” products or similar ways which usually require several hundreds dollars for you to pay (if they work at all) or countless hours of work to start making even little profit. So why we should not buy these products?

1. A lot of them are scams, just take a look at sites of different money making products, they all look same!
2. Most of time, when you register on product related site your mailbox will be getting unwanted mails (spam)
3. Price of these products is high.
4. No there is no money without work.
5. Information contained in these products can be obtainable by any search engine for free. (google)

Money on internet? Possible but not easy!

Yes it is definitely possible but unless you come up with a good idea and know how internet business works you have no chance of making huge profits. For example, selling stuff on e-bay is a good way to start. If you succeed you can even start an own e-shop. Starting an own blog is a good way to get into administrating a website. Also at least basic HTML/PHP/MySQL (programming languages) is required, most of blogs have WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors usable without knowing any programming languages.
Things that really work.

PTC (paid to click) – Clicking ads works (usually) but it is also very boring and low paying.

Reselling items (click-bank) – All you have to do it to make anyone buy a digital product for which you get a provision.

GPT (get paid to) – I do not have personal experience with this but many people are reporting it works. The point of this “system” is that you have to do things like shopping, filling up online surveys, writing articles, reading emails, surfing web or trying different products for money.
And more.

This article was not meant to be negative for concrete product. I also do not say that all of them are bad. But for your own money and your own wallet ALWAYS GOOGLE PRODUCT YOU WISH TO BUY!


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