Watch New Movies Without Renting Them

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As an alternative to waiting for DVD’s in the mail and having to send, them back.  You can pick what you want to watch from your Tivo and see it instantly.  The only drawback is Netflix does not have all their movies available to view instantly.  You can also get Starz Play through Netflix to view instantly through your Tivo.  They have a number of movie titles available in HD, which only works with a Tivo HD.

The first thing you need is a Tivo already setup.  Once you have completed the setup and have it running, go to your online Tivo account.  Once you are on your account click on the Netflix button, which will take you to their website.

Once you are on the Netflix website you have to create an account with them.  You will need your Tivo account number so they can link them together.  You have to choose an unlimited plan the cheapest is $8.99 a month, which also gives you one DVD at a time for more money, you can get up to eight movies, but it is not needed to get instant movies to your home.

After you have your account setup, you can start to put together a list of movies that will show up on your Tivo.  Use your Tivo remote control to access the main menu and select on demand movies.  Select the Netflix option then select the movie you want to watch and sit back and relax.


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