Make Money Mystery Shopping

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A problem with this home business career choice often occurs when the shopper find they failed to take into due consideration an important question. Can You Afford to Mystery Shop? After a few shops many Mystery Shoppers soon realize they are barely earning minimum wage.  Here is an easy way to determine the feasability of your Mystery Shopping Career Move.

Mystery Shoppers first should evaluate each “shop” assignment. Next, the shopper should estimate if the assignment is worth their time or effort.

Steps to Judge Worthiness of the Mystery Shop

-First, set a minimum you will accept for each shop. And stick with it.  Set a travel distance limit. For example, One shopper friend set her minimum at $10 for a shop. And limited travel to within 5 miles of her location. This is a good strategy for her because she lives near several large urban shopping districts in that 5 mile radius.  This would not be a good strategy for a shopper who lived in a rural area. They would probably need a much greater radius to travel in order to receive adequate shop assignments.

-Next, in order to maximize profits, try to arrange 2 or more shops per day, in the same location or general area. Our shopper friend often arranges at least two shops nearby on a given trip. For example our friend recently shopped a clothing store and a game shop in one day. Both shops were in the same area.  Both were quick shops and totaled $20 in compensation.  No purchase was required so her out of pocket expenses were minimal. Total time for the shops was about an hour.  Note: This includes travel time which equaled about 20 minutes total.

Shoppers should also keep good records of their shops, money made, and other pertinent information.  This critical information will be needed when filling out their estimated  year end taxes. (Remember Mystery Shoppers Are Independent Contractors And Pay Their Own Taxes) And to help settle any disputes that might occur between the shopper and the Mystery Shop Scheduler.


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