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Are You Interested In Getting Fit At Your Desk ?


Working all day at a desk can be a bit unfriendly to the body. Work at home people and people in offices often find it takes a toll on the body. This is especially true if you graze a lot at the desk too! Beyond making a ‘no food at the desk’ rule, here are a few other figure friendly tips.

Call it desk toning or deskercising or whatever you like but a bit of it each day can be helpful in toning your body and preventing the dreaded secretary spread. It can also be helpful for desk ergonomics and reduce repetitive stress injuries.

Stability Balls

Sit on a stability ball as you work. Not only can it help you tone but it can even help you concentrate as you tap into a different area of your brain while multitasking with working and balancing. There are even stability ball chairs specifically designed for the office. Check out this link for the chair in the photo .

Unique Items Are Available to Help You Get Fit At Home:


Keep hand weights near by and use them throughout the day

Stationary Bike or Treadmill

You can set up a stationary bike at your desk and work while you type by balancing the keyboard on the handlebars or the laptop on the treadmill. There are also new bikes fit under your desk to work your feet only while your hands are busy at the keyboard.

Check THIS Out! How’s this for working out at your desk? A stationery bike you can use as you work.


It even has a nifty calorie counter so it can sit under your desk while you work and let you know how many calories a day you’re burning!

Frequent Breaks

Get up and do something once in a while. If you’re on a conference call you can stand up and do lunges or deep knee bends while muting the phone and listening.

If you keep fitness equipment nearby it’s helpful. Before I got high speed I’d jump on my rebounder while waiting for files and screens to load.  Exercise can also help you fight off repetitive stress injury by stopping and changing your routine.

Don’t forget to switch up your routine every six weeks or so in order to avoid a plateau.  Plateau can occur with eating as well so consider looking into tricking your metabolism with calorie shifting diets as well. Careful planning with exercise and caloric intake will help you reach a goal weight as well as maintain it.

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