How to Manage when You Move Away from Your Parents’ House

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How to Manage when You Move Away from Your Parents’ House

You have been dreaming to be on your own since ever. The big moment has finally arrived and soon you realize that it is not as easy as you thought it would be.

Your parents used to worry for the bills and groceries in the house. The only thing on your mind was how to get money to have fun with your friends. Now all the responsibilities are yours. Being independent will give you a great feeling if you take in consideration a few very useful tips:

1. Get a Job!
You can’t say that you are independent just because you moved out of your parents’ house if you don’t earn your own money. Being young and with little work experience makes it difficult to find a job. That why it’s a good idea to do some voluntary work before.

2. Learn how to administrate your money!
When you get your wages don’t spend it all at once. The days when you just lived the moment and spent all you had are gone. Now you have to be responsible. First of all make a list with all the bills which you need to pay in a month and the money you need for the groceries. Put that money aside and just if you have something extra you are allowed to spend on whatever you want or may be make some savings.

3. Take a roommate!
Ask a friend to move in with you and this way you will only have to pay half of the bills.

4. Look for the best prices!
When you are shopping buy the cheapest products. You can find good things at friendly prices too. Not all that is expensive is necessarily the best.

5. Ask for your parents advice
Your parents are the persons who loves you the most. Don’t hesitate to ask their advice in everything. They will be very proud to see that you trust them and that you’re doing your best to make it in your own.

6. Economize as much as possible!
Don’t spend more than you really have to. For example if your job is not too far away walk or go with the bike instead of riding a bus or a car. Try to buy new clothes just when you have some extra money. Young people are usually attracted to buy often new things even if they don’t really need them.


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