Do you put yourself first?

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Put your oxygen mask on 

Time to save yourself

Life getting crazy? Nowadays, we are bombarded with new stressors daily..high prices, multiple jobs, babies, divorces, family problems, money issues, etc..

Life can really be stressful IF we choose to look at it that way. And for some, especially Moms, life can be about everybody else and helping others all day, forgetting to take care of NUMBER 1! Yes, Numero uno is supposed to come first any way you look at it. Any language, any country, any where.

So, it’s time to do as the flight attendants tell us. In order to help others, we must first put OUR own oxygen masks on. Take care of number 1!

And yes, of course , it’s easy to say and even acknowledge, but how many Moms really do put themselves first? By first, I mean , cater to your own needs, both physical and spiritual.
As a new Mom 8 years ago, I got completeley lost in the world of my baby and neglected myself, my growth, even my marriage.

Bad choice.

Then I took up a yoga practice.

Good choice.

It totally transformed my day, my attitude, my mind , not to mention my body. It helped my relax, detach, destress and be strong. I can only recommend yoga and I think everything should practice it. Learning how to stay calm, strong, focused and centered is the core of our being. It is the invisable force that grounds us. It is simply an amazing awakening of the spirit which helps us become better people.

If yoga is not for you, certainly there are many other ways for you to take time for yourself. I’m not talking about an hour in front of Big Brother or Desperate Housewives, though that can be relaxing too. I’m talking a way to enhance your total well being .

Meditation is another fabulous way to center. And no, you don’t have to sit on a cushion and chat OHM until your body levatates. You can simply light a candle and stare at the flickering flame for 20 minutes while you concentrate on the sound of your brething and let thoughts that come just drop like leaves, or pop like bubbles. Little images of your stresses just floating away like balloons…..You can even do online mediations, cd’s and dvd’s where you relax to the relaxing sound of nature, music or a soothing voice using guided imagery.

Until you’ve done one, you simply cannot imagine the absolutely suberb way you will feel when you are done. Just as after a sublime Yoga work out, you will feel energized, light, focused, relaxed and centered. You will radiate love and peace outward from the calm inside. What a wonderful way to put aside all life’s little nonsense and just remember what is supreme.

Your soul needs attention as much as your children do.
When you choose to nurture yourself, not only will you benefit from a world filled with more joy than you ever imagined, but your children will find a more harmonious family, a more serene Mother, and a strong sense of peace and love within the house.

You can also choose to spend your “me time” reading books that will encourage your spiritual growth and help you relax.Literally escape with a book and pay no heed to the world for 15 minutes or more.

How about getting a massage? Seriously. There are many nail salons that offer 10 or 15 minute mini- massages. Not to mention the  blissful spa pedicure. If you’ve done them before, you know how relaxed and good you feel afterwards, stealing a little “me ” time. But now, you have to stretch out that me time. Get the spa pedicure and the massage. Sit and dry for an hour! Just take that time to relax, recharge, day dream and be you.

You can  also  just take some time to get in touch with nature too .Maybe a long brisk walk around your neighborhood, or better yet, at the beach or in the woods. Sit down and get the sand in your hands. Or rocks, or twigs, flowers, weeds, whatever it is, it is nature and it in itself is a grounding element. The fresh air to breath, the sun and wind on your face and the physical exertion is a more powerful combination than any gym work out can provide (though they are helpful too) . An hour of weeding is therapy for me. And makes my yard look awesome!

Moms tend to their childrens needs on a 24/7 basis.(not to mention husbands) But luckily infants and toddlers nap, older children can go to school and husbands work (or play golf!) . As much as I adore my children and delight in their presence, I know that I am a better when when I take the time to nurture the nuturer . ANd I know you will be a better person too, when you put yourself first!!

What choices will you make today  for YOU?


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