American Idol Recap Season 8 Tuesday , April 28th 2009

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Okay, so we are down to 5 contestants, going on 4!! OMG! The season is almost over! This year we have some really talented singers. It’s gonna be hard, but I have my favorites and I think I know who is gonna win, but until then I should just stay quiet until the winner is revealed!

This week was RAT PACK WEEK…

Allison Iraheta (16), the youngest of the contestants sang “Someone To Watch Over Me”

In my opinion it was good, but not Simon, I wasn’t WOWed =( Although she does have an awesome, mature voice for a 16 year old. 

Adam Lambert (26), the rocker of the bunch sang “Feeling Good”

I love Adam! He’s not afraid to be who he is…crazy and wild, but he knows how to tone it down if he needs to.

Danny Gokey (28), the lovable crooner sang “Come Rain or Come Shine” 

He makes my heart melt when he sings, I love the tone of his voice…in my opinion he is definitely gonna be the final 2. It’s remarkable how he overcame the death of his wife and has made it this far in the competition, but I had no doubt that he was gonna make it to the top 5.

Matt Giraud (23), the go-to soul guy sang “My Funny Valentine”

What was funny is that I’ve heard better from him. He has a natural soulful voice, but I didn’t dig the performance too much. He can be the next blue-eyed soul if he keeps working on it. 

Kris Allen (23), the nice guy sang “The Way You Look Tonight”

Eh…this wasn’t his best, but I do love his voice, and he has a very commercial appeal about him.


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