When life hands you lemons

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Life is full of struggles and problems that are never ending sometimes it seems like some people have and do everything that they have ever wanted and other people can’t get their head above the water.

That’s how I used to be and feel ever since I was born things have went wrong, when I was born I was born with a condition in my spine called scolosis I ended up with a cist on my spine and had a high fever when I was about 6 months old I had to be rushed to the hospital and have surgey to remove the cist. Well with that surgey I was in a full size body cast for a very long long time and that prolonged my development especially in walking. When I finally did began to walk my feet turned inwards badly and my ankles were very weak so I had to have braces I dont know how many of you reading this has ever saw the movie Forest Gump those were exactly what my braces were like. Me and my mom never had a good relationship my dad left when I was in the hospital having that surgey and so she disconnected emitionally and blamed me for everything that went wrong in her life. So I was basically raised by my grandparents. As I grew older and became a teenager and an adult things conitued to be bad and go wrong especailly with the realtionship with my mom one minute she would be a part of my life and it seemed like everything was fine and the next she would put me down and tell me I would never amount to anything and that I would always be a quiter. This effected me deeply and I feel it had alot to do with how my young adult years were which was very very unstable in everything I did.  This continued for a long time until finally I got around some very good people and became close friends with them and from them I learned how to be accepted and how to change my situation. Then I meet and married my husband and we now have 4 wonderful kids and we are expecting our 5 one in July.  I have been pretty much the one that has stayed home and taken care of the kids and everything else that includes but now  my husband is on disability from a war related injury so after the baby is born I am going to start my career, I am going to be working as a teacher’s aide as well as in the meantime I am going to finish up my degree because after I get the experience and work my way up I want to evenutally move into the corporate area of the school system. I decided to wait until after the baby is born because this has been a really difficult pregnancy this time.

I’ve shared all of this with you to say this that old saying holds very very true, “when life hands you a bowl of lemons make lemonade”  I have had to learn in my life that when you get knocked down you have to get right back up and try it again and it doesnt matter if you have to try more than once. We all have choices we can either take what we have been handed and make the best out of it or we can take what we have been handed and sulk about it.


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