Manifesting Your Life By Your Design

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  1. Manifesting Your Life By Your Design

    Anytime you have a thought that is connected to a feeling you will manifest something it’s only a matter if time .
    All of your thoughts create your feelings .
    Everything begins in the mind moves to the heart and then becomes a experience .
    We manifest through our feelings .
    Any emotion we have will draw to it more of the same .
    You receive situations that will support you in experiencing more of those same emotions .
    You have every right to choose your thoughts .
    Controlling your input will help you to slow down your thoughts and feelings to get control of them .
    When you are having negative thoughts and feelings find something that makes you feel good and focus on that .
    Cleansing out negative beliefs and feelings by using the statements thank you I love you I’m sorry please forgive me . Do this while pressing your thumb and pointer figure together .
    Decide what you would like .
    Make a list of 100 things you would like to experience in 20 minutes .
    Do this when you feel good and are alone .
    Ask yourself how would it feel to already have _____!
    Visualize yourself already having this .
    It is not your choice of how or when this will show up .
    Release these desires to your higher power .
    Ask ,believe ,receive , gratitude
    Be thankful before it arrives .
    Know that anything you ask for can and will come to you .
    What you think and feel today effects your tomorrow .
    At night before bed time ask to heal while you sleep
    Ask for your desires to be made manifest while you rest
    Ask to wake feeling full of joy and happiness
    When you wake think of all the things you have to be thankful for .
    Start small because the more you notice all the good that surrounds you the more you will experience that good in your life .
    Focus on today right now be happy in this moment .
    Understand you didn’t learn how to be this way over night and so it will take time to learn this new way of being
    Bless people with kind words and gestures .
    After you have made any request do not speak of it to anyone .
    People may not support you in your desires so keep it private
    Learn what your doing and how before you talk to someone about who does not know or understand
    Ways to manifest is a three step process
    Ask , feel , act
    Write your prayers , sing , music , dance , emotions , acting
    Speaking should not reflect what is but what will be
    Correct your speech out loud when you know you said something wrong .
    Remember it’s the feelings that we bring back to us
    Ask your self simple questions like . Do I like how I’m feeling ? Do I want more of the same feelings ?
    Then focus of something you would like more of .
    Understand all our beliefs become our truth
    When we decide something is true through our behavior conscious and sub-conscious we make it true .
    You can create new beliefs and decide just like you decided something else is true .
    Ignore signs of negative your experiences saying that ____ will always happen !
    Recognizing your negative beliefs is a step
    Choosing new beliefs is the next
    Take time away to know yourself . The real you !
    Pay attention to the voice that gives you guidance
    You can ask for anything including knowledge
    Be sincere and willing to hear the truth no matter what the truth is and you will hear the answers
    Treat yourself with love learn that love heals it does not cause pain .
    Forgive yourself for not knowing and others for the same
    Try not to ask your self questions that include the words why and how come .
    You will only get another why and another how come when you ask those questions and that’s painful and depressing to not know something you feel you should know or be able to answer
    Allow yourself to make mistakes without judgment or good or bad right or wrong .
    Make a list of what you would like to feel and believe about yourself
    Every morning while you do your make up say these things out loud
    When something your doing begins to help you feel better understand that is not the time to quit
    Be strong enough to face the truth about yourself allow yourself permission to see know and hear the truth
    All you will ever need to know is right inside of you
    Most people should not give advice because they don’t even know the truth
    When your feeling sick go to a quiet place and inhale to the count of ten and say to yourself I am inhaling health and peace of mind
    Then exhale and say I am exhaling sickness and pain
    So inhale good and exhale negative
    See this good coming into your body with each breath and all the bad flowing out of your body with each exhale
    You can use this anytime anywhere but it does help if you can have a time in the morning and at night when you can do this
    This creates peace and harmony within you


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