The truth is we are all liars!

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What has to happen for you and I and everyone else to get it ? We just don’t seem to understand the greater picture here . It’s not the job or the things we own that make us who we are . Our belongings no more define me or you than a ring defines a marriage . Lately so many of my loved ones have been seriously hurt or have passed away . The thing that seems to be occurring is a lot of regret and guilt . Why don’t we grasp how fast life passes us by ? Life is a gift and we only have this moment . Understand that there are no returns, no play backs, no stops ,and no fast forwards , no pause or deletes .

I know we wish we could just wait until _________ occurs to be happy or to say the things we always wanted to say , but the truth is we wait to long . Each and every passing moment is a moment wasted when we are not fully in it and loving . What if tomorrow never comes or tomorrows is to late ? What then ? Would it be worth the fear that kept you from living ? Ask yourself how would I feel if he/she never knew I cared ? We work ourselves into exhaustion , we drink , do drugs all for a escape but why ? Why do we do this ? Can we take any of these things with us ? We do all kinds of things that keep ourselves so busy that we don’t even notice ,or have to look at what is going on inside of us . What if we had no fixes nothing to block or numb the pain ? What if we had to stare the truth dead in the face ? Could we handle the truth ? Could we face our fears / regrets / guilt ? Would we just break down ? Would we rather die than face the truth ?

The truth is that this fear isn’t real . This fear that rules our lives and keeps us up at night is not the truth !! Yep, you got it we are all living our lives based on fear that hasn’t occurred and probably never will . That’s the truth like it or not . Now unless you have a car headed for you at full speed ,or a Momma bear staring you in the face it’s not real . This fear exists solely on hyper active probabilities that were created in your imagination .

We are addicted to feeling and so when we are not feeling anything particularly strong we make up things . We have great imaginations we create all kinds of circumstances , story lines ,and even plots . Why do we do this ? We do this because we do not know any better . We have not been trained how to use our mind productively . Our true nature knows that we should be feeling something . What we don’t realize is “what” we should be feeling . We should be feeling love ,gratitude , abundance , forgiveness , humanity , acceptance . These are the feelings that are our true nature . Our true nature is to love and be loved .

Here’s another truth ! This truth is that our whole life is based on a lies ,and we have bought them hook line and sinker . The truth is we lie , we lie to ourselves and we believe it . Then we lie to our friends and all our loved ones . We say we don’t care when we do ,and we say we do care when we don’t . We say we don’t love someone when we do . We say we do love someone when we don’t . We say we don’t need someone when we do , and we reject someone when we want them . We say we are sorry when we are not . We don’t say we are sorry when we are .

Tell me this if we are not even honest and authentic with ourselves than how can we be with anyone else . I know these are bold statements but sadly they are true . So, what is the truth ? Do we even know ? The answer is “Yes” we know . We have always known because this knowledge comes from within . This inner truth speaks to us and we ignore it . Are we are more qualified using only our 5 senses than our higher power is ? So who knows more ? Why don’t we listen ? Do we hear anything other than the constant crap rolling through our minds ?

What I can tell you is all it takes is for us to hear is for us to listen with a earnest heart and we will know the truth . When is it a good time to start loving and living more ? When will we see we only have today , now this very moment . Would you put down the phone or pick it up ? Would you take the time to get that kiss before you leave and say I love you ? Would you take that trip you’ve been waiting for ? Would listen a little deeper hug a little closer ? What would you do if today was your last day ? Would take off your shoes and walk in the grass or notice the cool breeze on your skin? Would you sleep in or would crawl out of bed complaining that today is another day ? What would you do ?


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