What the so called professionals can’t understand.

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I was recently doing some reading about individuals that cut and embed objects into their flesh . What I discovered was I understood more then the so called professionals . It seems that science has no clue why this occurs . They are looking for a link to a type of personality disorder . To explain why people would self impose pain and desire to bleed .

This is clearly a simple issue and why science and psychology can’t figure this out is no surprise to me . This is a action of mutilation to ones self . It is no different than someone who has a internal dialog that it abusive . These are all simply cases of self mutilation whether it is something that occurs physically or internally it is the same action . This is just a action that leaves physical proof rather than one that is hidden.

The internal dialog is always a reflection of our ability to except our humanity without judgment . The fact is that the majority of us humans are abusive to ourselves . We just don’t talk about these things . No one person is more abusive to us then we are with ourselves . We only ever tolerate abuse to a level just below our self imposed abuse . What that means is that to what ever level we are abusive to ourselves is what we will allow and except from other people .

This means that anyone who is in a abusive relationship is really no different than the person who chooses to cut themselves to feel pain . So , what does this mean ? This means that one person has elected to self impose their injuries and the other has found someone else to do it for them . It happens when a person says okay, I can no longer self inflect the level of abuse I feel I deserve so you can do it for me .

If you could ponder with me for a moment you will see that the only difference is the level of self loathing that is occurring and truly nothing else . This self hatred occurs from many beliefs and experiences that teach the person that to feel pain is to be alive . It is a release of all the emotions that has been bottled up so tight that this is the only release they know . Then after doing it for a short while becomes a addiction . They become addicted to the chemical release the same as any other addict . Keep in mind that addiction is defined by any behavior we wish to change but can not . So truth be told we are all addicts of some kind .

What this means is that they do it because they do not know any better . They simply have not been taught how to express themselves and deal with stress ect . They have been taught to hate themselves for their own humanity . When we are raised with the expectation of perfection or any other belief that creates a self hatred such as having parents who didn’t know how to show us love . We create false beliefs and these beliefs over time destroy us inside and out . So, it really makes no difference if the pain and mutilation is internal or external . The truth is that deep down it is the heart crying saying help me to stop feeling this pain , because I don’t know how to do it myself .

Now here’s another side to look at that is chemical imbalance . Well let me first explain that every thought creates a chemical release in the brain ,and we become used to this chemical release . This is why we create repetitive behaviors . We become addicted to the release and not so much the behaviors . It is the brain that creates a auto pilot program that simply reminds us of what it was that gave us the release . So what is happening is the brain acts like a memory card , and the truth is the brain doesn’t care how it gets this release just that it does . So when a person has been raised with a chronic way of thinking they create a addiction to that particular why of thinking only because the brain has become dependant on those releases . So yes it would make sense that they would have a chemical imbalance .

Now what one can do is correct their thinking and learn new ways to get these releases . Such as exercise ,laughter ,deep breathing .

So the problem is learning how to think and how to cope in a new manor . It is really about reprogramming the brain to think correctly and this is 100% possible , but it does take time and persistence . These old ways of thinking will not disappear over night and it takes time and persistence to over come these issues just like any other issue we have .

The last thing we need is another label that justifies the behavior because it only then becomes a excuse . Such as .. Well I have this ——- disorder and this is why I do this . When the truth is the only disorder they have is being human and they are coping the only way they know how . Point blank all these names for disorders have only created excuses for the behavior and no real help except to medicate and blame . Medication is simply a way to mask the problem and it actually lowers the persons ability to cope and heal . The only way to correct the thinking is to be fully alert and aware of the underlining issues at hand .


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