Indonesia in the eyes of… the X-Men?

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Seriously! Here I thought Marvel would only make a fictional places in their stories and make them really bad or really good (Latveria, Wakanda, Dinosaur Island…).  But it seems today they create fictional places and put it into a real countries (maybe the readers can relate more).

Anyways, they are going to a place called Chaparanga Beach, Indonesia (its fictional, by the way). The beach is supposed to be where the spaceships go to die. This is due to its great ecological blight of its geographic location.

And here’s what they say about it:

Astonishing X-Men 25_thumb[12].jpg?imgma

The X-People here are Cyclops, Wolverine and Armor.

Well, I know we, Indonesians, are poor compared to US people, but I don’t think we’d be foolish enough to salvage a toxic-out-of-this-world spaceships! (if there is any).

But, hard to say this, there is a bit of truth in this. The poverty remarks, and there are some corporations that exports their toxic dump to Indonesia (I read this a few years ago in a magazine). Those bastards that allowed those dumps to enter the country should be punished by cleaning up the toxic waste only by sing their hands, so that they can get a taste of their imported “goods”!

Argh! I just don’t know what to say!

Anyway, this thing reminded me of a joke.

Why does the US will not invade Indonesia?

Because they are afraid that their tanks, artilleries and their sophisticated weapons would get salvaged by the Indonesians once they landed… 🙂


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