can internet sites be trusted?

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when i tried to earn money from the internet, i just follow ptc program recommended by my friend. for the first time i liked it because i thought it was the simplest way to earn money in the internet. there were many sites i joined for clicking ptc about 20 sites approximately. before it, i was recommended by my friend (the same man) about trading forex, but i got a big difficulty because i could not understand what the graphics mean in case how to read the graphics. so i just joined it and i did not care with it. long time with many sites of ptc, i got a little bit boring then i asked my friend about the other sites that provided us to earn some money. for that time, i got nothing so i kept my way in ptc sites. when i got near with the minimum payout in one site, i was happy and made my work harder to earn it more faster. the day had come and i requested my payment in this sites and the processing time was 9 days, so i had to wait for 9 days. day by day i waited, i kept my way in ptc beside waiting the payment was sent. after 9 days, i check my bank and i got none was sent from that site. after it, i tried to get some informations from many kind of sources about scam list of ptc and many people said that this site and many of the others are scam. so i stopped earning from ptc and filtering the good sites for the next time.


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