Activating Your Google Adsense account

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In my opinion the first step to earning a good amount of money through Google Adsense is polishing the content on your website. The better the content on your website, the more followers your website will have and hence more number of visits and Google Ad clicks.The next step is to open a Google Adsense account. This is a fairly straight forward process. Once you go to the Google Adsense website, then it guides you through a set up. They usually send a follow up mail stating that they will get back to you in around two days time.Once you get your notification within a week or so, now its time to set up your account.

Once you log in to the link that is provided to you in the email, or the main website with your username and password, Google Adsense gives you a step by step set-up process and also issues a Publishers ID that can be found on the top right of your screen. Some of the steps in the setup can impact your earnings to quite an extent. The primary among them is the placement of the ads. Remember that you get paid based on the number of clicks. Hence, its important to place your Google Adsense Ad’s in such a position in your website that you believe will prompt more of your viewers to click on them. Also, do change the format and the font to suit that of your website. A good tip to use is to highlight your Ad’s. However, do make sure that they do not over-power your website.

Once your Google Adsense account is set up the next step is to insert your Google Adsense code (HTML) into your website’s HTML page. A number of websites offer tips on how to insert the code to those who are not familiar with the procedure. Once your code is inserted the Google Adsense should start appearing on your website. Depending upon the number of clicks and the quality and the content in your website, your Google Adsense should help you generate a good amount of money from your website. You will be able to monitor your earnings and receive them once they reach the threshold limit. Google Adsense will directly send you the payments once you follow all the steps in the Payment Procedure.


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