How to draw a cartoon head

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Learn how to draw a cartoon face with this 3 step by step drawing tutorial.

Step 1 of how to draw a cartoon head: You first draw a guidelines sketch of the head form. Deraw a cross in the middle of the face to know where to place the head, nose, and mouth. Draw a rod for the hear too. This first step is only a guideline for the rest of your cartoon face drawing, don’t go into details for now.

Step 2 of how to draw a cartoon head : You begin to draw the eyes and nose.

Step 3 of how to draw a cartoon head: At this last step, you draw  the details and chose the right lines and forms you want to keep in your drawing. Finish the eyes, nose and mouth,  put ink on your cartoon drawing, and erase the pencil quick sketch you’ve used as guidelines in step 1 and 2.

I sincerly hope that tutorial have helped you! If you want to see  more realistic, non cartoon, drawing tutorials on fantasy themes you can visit my blog,


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