Is sex on the first date OK?

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There are different opinions about having sex on the first date. Some people compare “sex on the first date” with “love at first sight” and claim there is no difference between both. Love at first sight means you fall immediately in love with someone and your heart starts beating very quickly and you feel uncertain how to deal with your emotions.

You are immediately attracted and if love is mutual, maybe you want to have sex on your first date. I don’t think it is a good idea; love needs to grow and it is almost impossible to be sure about commitments between each other. Those who claim it is a good idea to have sex on the first date are speaking about “sex for pleasure” and that is not really what lovers expect from a relationship.

There is nothing wrong with having sexual intercourse on the first date if both people agree and take the necessary precautions. Safe sex is absolutely necessary to protect you from getting sexual transmitted diseases; for example AIDS or HIV. It is a wish you have to share together without a push or taking advantage of certain feelings. Afterwards you can feel better but it is possible you are disappointed.

In my opinion, a first date is meant for getting to know each other better. Try to talk, share experiences, feelings, what you expect of a relationship and enjoy your first date. Maybe you can go out for a dinner, talk about your hobbies, the music and movies you like, common interests, your studies or work, traveling or any other subject which may interest both. It is necessary growing to each other and knowing if you both have emotional feelings for each other.

Probably most people need more dates for taking the decision to have sexual intercourse. Sex is an expression of your love for someone else and I surely believe in love on first sight but I have difficulties to believe sex on the first date is a good idea. It is not morally wrong if both have the same desire but you need to be convinced before you take the definitive step to have sexual intercourse on your first date.

If it would happen to have sex on your first date, don’t be surprised you will feel hurt afterwards. Maybe sexual intercourse was not like you expected or you don’t hear anymore of the one of your first date. Some people get a wrong impression of men or woman afterwards but this is a wrong attitude. Not every women or men act like the one who was responsible for the failure of your first date. Sex for pleasure can hurt and you need to be aware about the possible consequences.

Respect for each other is necessary and be careful with sexual intercourse on your first date! Love needs to grow and if you both are absolutely sure about your feelings for each other, you can go for having sex together and this can really be fantastic and the start of a lasting relationship.


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