How You Can Quickly Get Your Dog To stop Jumping On People

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If you’re like me, you don’t want your dog jumping up on people.  No matter if he’s small or large, getting your dog to stop jumping is essential for preventing dog behavior problems in the future.  Here are some dog obedience tips that will help to stop dog jumping.

How To Block A Jumping Dog

This is a quick way to teach your pet to stop jumping on you.  This is really only a stop-gap measure, as you need to figure out why he’s jumping, and deal with that issue to solve the problem for good.

As your canine starts to jump up, turn sideways.  You can lean in his direction and block him with your hip.  Or step in front of him to block him from jumping.  Once all his feet are on the floor, tell him to “sit” and then praise him.  

If he manages to jump on you before you can block him, don’t yell “no” or jump away.  He thinks you’re playing with him, and this only serves to reinforce the behavior.  Turn on your heel and walk away.  Give him no attention whatsoever until all four feet are on the floor.  Only then will you tell him to “sit” and then reward him.

Why Dogs Jump

Many people make the mistake of thinking their dog jumps on them because he’s happy to see them.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Dogs jump for three reasons: they’re overexcited, they’re challenging your dominance as pack leader, or you’ve accidentally encouraged them to do so.  

By far the most common reason for many dog behavior problems, including jumping, is a bored dog.  Canines are social animals who need lots of interaction with their pack.  They also need lots of exercise to burn off excess energy.  If your pet is left alone all day with nothing to do, your return at night is the high point of his day, and he releases his energy by getting overexcited.  If you make a big fuss when you come home, you’re encouraging him to get overexcited, and rewarding him for the jumping behavior.  

You can prevent this by taking him for a long walk in the morning, and again in the evening.  Take him to the dog park if you have one nearby so he can run and play with other canines.  It’s also important to keep it low-key when you leave and come home.  Ignore him for fifteen minutes when you come home.  If he jumps on you, turn around and walk away.  

A dog jumping up on people may be a dominance issue.  In the wild, a subordinate member of the pack would never jump on the alpha dog.  This is seen as challenging the leader, and the leader won’t tolerate it.  No matter if your pet is small or large, you shouldn’t tolerate it either.  

A good dog training course is worth its weight in gold when trying to teach your pup good habits.  You’ll be able to train your dog quickly and easily with a course that offers a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer.  

Don’t put up with dog behavior problems like a dog jumping up on people any longer.  Take steps now to stop dog jumping so that your pet will be a happy, obedient addition to your family.


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