Talking to Teens About Sex

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This is a very important conversation that you will need to have with your teenager. This may be a difficult thing to talk about for both you and your teen but it is one of the most important conversations you will ever have with your teenager.

Start out by deciding what you would like to talk about with your teenager. Prepare yourself for the talk before you actually sit down to talk so that you will know everything that you want to go over. Once you have everything in your head that you want to talk about, let your teenager know that you would like to have a talk with them.

Talk to your teenager somewhere quit and alone. It will be much easier to have this conversation with your teenager if they are comfortable in their environment. Let them know what you would like to talk to them about and make sure that they understand that this will be a very important conversation.

Start to explain the reasons that you want to talk to them about sex. Let them know the dangers of unprotected sex like unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Make sure that your teen is listening to everything that you are saying about each subject. Try to make the conversation as comfortable as possible for your teenager.

After you are finished saying everything that you need to say, ask your teenager if they have any questions. Most likely, your teenager will not want to talk about the subject anymore because they will be uncomfortable but ask if they have any questions anyways. Once you are finished, ask your teenager questions about the conversation that you had to make sure that they were listening.

This is a very hard conversation to have with a teenager but one of the most important ones you will ever have. Do not avoid this conversation because you are uncomfortable because it could change your teenager’s life. Make it a point to talk to your teenager about sex.

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