How to Save $$ by Cutting Your Water Consumption

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In Metro-Vancouver residence use an average of 340L per person per day for domestic use only. That’s as much as 7 average bathtubs full of water. To me (and hopefully to you) this seems ridiculous, so I’ve spent some time gathering some ways to help you conserve water. This can save you money in Heating Bills, and more money if you’re on a water meter.

Steps To Reduce Water Consumption in the;

1) Wash only when Dishwasher/Washingmachine is full
2) When washing large ammounts of dishes fill the sink, dont run the water
3) Get a good dishwasher that uses the least ammount of water possible, this also helps because you won’t have to rinse dishes before putting them in
4) Keep bottled water in the fridge to have cool water on hand, don’t run water until it’s cold enough to your liking. (you can also use ice instead of running water until cold)

5) Put a water bottle filled with sand it your toilet reservoir (this reduces the amount of liters used per flush)
6) Turn off the tap while brushing teeth
7) Don’t use tap full blast while brushing teeth
8) Install water saving taps and shower heads

9) Don’t over water lawn
10) Use pistol grip nozzles on hose
11) Always turn off hose at source to prevent leaks
12) Don’t use misting sprinklers (they get blown away in wind)
13) Sweep, don’t hose. So much water is wasted by people too lazy to grab a broom.

Whole house

14) Fix leaky faucets
15) Hook up the gutters on your roof to a water tank, this will allow you to water your plants with rain water
16) Install an aerator, it will inject bubbles into your water allowing you to keep enjoying high water pressure while reducing water consumption.

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