Saffron Is The Most Expensive Spice In The World

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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world because of the process of cultivation and not because of its health benefits or for the flavor. Saffron does have a distinctive taste, but that does not make it the most expensive. The saffron spice comes from the crocuses flower. One acre of the purple colored flower will only give you about one pound of spice. You will only find three saffron threads on each flower. This means, you can grow crocuses in your yard and you will never have enough to make enough spice for a recipe unless you plant at least one acre. .

The one thing you do not want to use with saffron spice is chili pepper. If it is a strong spice that can overpower the saffron flavor. Any spice that is strong in taste and smell can take away from the flavor. The amount of saffron you use in the dish will depend on your desired taste. If you are not familiar with saffron, you should consider using the powder, which is more concentrated than the threads. The threads require special preparation before using or you will not have the desired taste.

You can use saffron with garlic cloves, onion, yellow, green or red peppers and lemon juice. These spices will not affect the taste or the aroma of the saffron. If the recipe calls for threads specifically, you should use the threads after soaking and infusing the threads. However, more recipes call for the ground saffron spice. Saffron adds to the flavor of scalloped potatoes and orange saffron butter cookies. When cooking or baking with saffron, use what the recipe calls for because the taste is always going to be stronger after a few hours or the next day. Finding the spice will be much harder than using it.

You will have to look for saffron in a specially shop. Your local grocery store will more than likely not carry the spice. If they do, it might not be the true saffron spice. You want to look for color strength, which should be posted on the label. The best strength is between 110-250 plus, while some saffron may be as high as 255 degrees in color strength. High end specially shops should carry the spice or you make have to order online. The best place to check is with a local restaurant if you do not have a specially spice shop. They may be able to help you if they are a fine dining restaurant.


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