What Spices Are Used In Herbal Tea

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There are different spices used in herbal teas. The most common spices are cinnamon, ginger, chamomile, peppermint and marjoram. Chamomile is used in tea for people with sensitive skin. Peppermint is a spice used to aid in the digestive process. Every spice has a health related use. For years, herbal teas and spices have been an alternative way to heal many different health problems. Although the teas are not mean to be a cure for health problems, people continue to drink the herbal teas with spices and have seen positive results with their health related problems.

Most of the spices used have some soothing, relaxing or calming affect, but the FDA says that herbal teas and spices are not studied enough to say if they are good for you or not. People use teas for a relaxant. Depending on the spice and herb used, the tea can induce sleep. A different herb and spice can help sooth stomach upset. There are different teas for different solutions to health related issues. Marjoram has been used in herbal teas and is said to lower blood pressure and help with respiratory problems. The spice is also effective for relieving headaches. Ginger is good for avoiding motion sickness and adds a sweet taste to the tea.

Sage Tea is very easy to make and make a nice tasting tea. You would use sage leaves, sugar, lemon rind, lemon juice and boiling water. You simmer the water, then add the ingredients, and simmer for thirty minutes, then strain. The tea is for someone that likes green teas. A summer tea would be Damiana Tea. It has chamomile, damiana leaves, lemongrass, spearmint leaves, jasmine flowers and a orange peel. This tea is soothing and relaxes the body. This tea only takes fifteen minutes to make.

You can make your own teas with different herbs and spices. You do have to be careful not to mix the wrong ingredients when making homemade tea. Tea is used for different purposes, but it when spices are added it also adds flavor to the drink. The spices can be home grown or brought from a store. You do want to use a quality spice. If the recipe calls for leaves, that is what you need to use and not the ground spice. The leaves will need to boil so that they release the flavor, where as the ground spice will not do this and the tea will not taste right.


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