Urine therapy for acne and cystic acne

The basis of many prescription creams for eczema and other skin conditions is urea. This urea many times is often synthetic or made from animal sources. You may currently be paying for these pricey prescriptions. Urine therapy is a low cost therapy that you can try topically at home.

First you will need to be open minded to try this therapy. Think for just a moment, what is this therapy going to cost you? This will not cost you anything, but a few moments of your time each day. This is time that you would  normally be using to cleanse your skin.

Collect your first mornings urine. Your goal is to catch the urine midstream. Apply the urine to your skin with a cotton ball or tissue. Let the urine dry and rinse. Or, if you prefer you can leave it on and apply your regular moisturizer, sunscreen, or make up foundation.The urine once dry on your skin has no smell.

You can repeat this therapy twice a day if you would like. If you have a problem pimple or cystic acne that is painful you can apply fresh urine throughout the day. You can create a c concentrated solution by storing your fresh urine in a container that breathes. Wait four to eight days before you use this solution.  This solution since it has been sitting around, may smell more pronounced.You can apply this concentrated solution with a q tip directly on blemishes and scars.

Are you open to trying something new for your skin? Use these tips for thirty consecutive days to chart your progress. Take a picture at the beginning of your journey and see how far your skin has improved in thirty days.

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