making money online needs hardwork too.

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hye guys. i’ve just started doin online jobs and i did not achieve any payment yet. i hope i’ll get my first payment soon. it has been three days now in front of the notebook doing blogs,registering for accounts,posting discussion,ptc,survey and everything that the internet offers. i believe most of the sites that i join can make me extra money. the payout is not much but i’m living in a country where the currency is low. eventhough the amount that i will accumulate is not going to be big but when it converts into my currency,the money that i might get could be handy. i wasted a few days in front of my notebook but i gain a lot by just reading and viewing people’s blog,article and discussion. actually there are so many ways to earn money but we will not get big pay for doing simple job such as clicking on ads and waiting for 0.01 gets credited into our account. for me, referral is the best way to earn money fast. eventhough it is not as hard as selling merchandise in malls but sometimes getting referral to sign up for free is quite hard too. we just need to work harder on gettin referral. regarding the payment, i’m waiting for my first payment and i will be happy to post it in my blog so viewers can see the proof of the website paying. for people who are living in asia, this could be a way for you to start earning.


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