Fight against OBESITY

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Definition- Excessive increase in body mass & weight is called as obesity Or the state of being well above one’s normal weight.


1] Excessive intake of sweet, sour, cold, chilled, high fatty food like meat, chise etc.

2] Low exercise.

3] History of liver related disease like jaundice, hepatitis etc.

4] Eating fruits mix with milk or fruit juice.

5] Habit of suppressing sensation of stool, urine.

6] Short duration of menstruation.

7] Hereditary.

8] Hormonal imbalance.

Process for developing Obesity—

Intake of heavy to digest food or history of liver affecting disease—– Liver is unable for its proper function—- Improper digestion—- Stool & urine are not in good state—- So they can not be excreted properly—- This leads to deposit wastage in body—- That again affects digestion—- Results in Obesity.


1] Feeling of heaviness.

2] Moderate to excessive sweating with odor.

3] Fall’s sensation of hunger.

4] Heavy thrust but takes only small quantity of water.

5] Excessive deposition of fat over stomach, hip, chest & hand region.

6] Increased weight again leads to back ache.


DOS DON’TS 1] Take a glass of warm water mix with honey, daily in the morning. 1] Do not wake late in the morning. 2] Use only warm water for drinking & bathing. 2] Avoid drinking lot of water in the morning & during Meal. 3] Take only easy to digest & high fibrous food like salad, fruits, wheat, barley, popcorns, soups etc. 3] Avoid eating cheesy, cold, chilled, sweet, sour, food. Do not eat too much & fruits mix with milk. Also avoid fast food & junk foods. 4] Try to wake up early in the morning. It helps to decrease Kapha dosha. 4] Do not be lazy for exercise. 5] Do pass your stool & urine regularly. 5] Avoid eating during stressful condition. Try to remain calm & do some breathing exercise. 6] Do exercise daily till you sweat, then bath with hot water. Heavy machine exercises are also helpful. 6] Avoid suppressing sensation for stool & urine. 7] Do fast walking in sunrays is good for you. 7] Avoid heavy work during menstruation. 8] For stress bearing people do some Meditation & Yoga. 8] Do not be addicted for any thing. 9] Take medicine for proper menstruation. 9] Avoid Sleep after lunch. 10] Do blood investigations for Hormones. 10] Avoid medicines like Pain killer, Steroids, Hormonal drugs for long time.


Now a day’s many people use this word; without knowing its mean & what it actually is.

Stress means sudden attack of tension; due to unwanted or unexpected work load.

We can define it with an example of a ‘Muscular cramp.’ Whenever a particular muscle bear a lot of workload suddenly cramp appear.


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