Alton Towers

Wow! Here I write about a theme park I was supposed to love the most out of the other theme parks I have visited over the past few years.

If I remember, the theme park is situated near Birmingham, England. Depending on the speed of the journey, it could take up to three hours to reach the theme park from northwest England where Lancashire exists. Other regions like Yorkshire and Devon, it could take longer.

Over 5 acres of land and several rides makes this a tiring theme park to travel. Literally, it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to reach from one ride to another. This journey takes an awful amount of energy and you become too weak after an hour or so! And plus, precious time ticks away while walking to a ride and later on, you find that your time is up! I remember it happening to me! The cues are far too long anyway and adding the time to walk to a ride which is far away, you will find that a lot of time has gone to waste.

But on the good side, the theme park is decorated with trees, shrubs and beautiful gardens I must say! I loved them so much I took several pictures!

As far as I remember, there are some fantastic rides in Alton Towers but there aren’t as much to keep us smiling! We have the biggest ride in the theme park yet, which is Rita: The Queen Of Speed! Travelling speeds over seventy miles makes this a gripping ride! Of course, the name tells us! The queen of speed! Other rides like Air and Nemesis send a chill down your spine! The horrific screams I have heard! Wow I say! Terrific!

I remember the day I visited Alton Towers! School was over the day before and here we were for our final High School trip! How sad don’t you think? Well anyways, it took over two hours for the journey. And we all were tired and bored to death! Well that was until we saw Alton Towers from a small distance. And that was when we started cheering and the excitement really started to build!

Afterwards, we were given our lunch bags to keep hold of throughout the day. And so that we do not need to return at dinner time to take it then.

As hours ticked by very quickly, my disappointment was surprising to me! I couldn’t believe that the theme park I always wanted to visit for years would turn out like a disaster! Why do you disappoint yourself Shafi? I asked myself always! But then I realized! It was my mates who I kept close with! They were boring me to sleep and anger was beginning to build! These friend who I thought would make me feel like I am in paradise made me feel more like the opposite. I wanted to try out the bigger, scarier rides but they were too scared! And so, I had to follow them around and jump onto baby rides! Ok not really baby rides but rides that seemed to bore you! You know? The rides which would seem so great only if kids were riding it!

By the end of the day, my rage was filling up to my fists! My rage was running wild in my head, under the hard skull! I lost such a memorable day which I won’t be able to treasure! So sadly, it was the only end of year trip I never enjoyed while being at High School. And that too, being the last and final trip to treasure

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