How to buy Children’s Christmas Gifts on a Shoestring Budget.

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Christmas on a low budget can be done with proper planning and determiniation. Sometimes determination
may seem like an oxymoron when you simply have a limited budget. Here are few quick strategies that
you can use to help you create more holiday spririt on a limited budget.


Step 1
See what you can obtain for free. Put an add on stating that you are accepting gently used toys in nice condition or new toys.Most families have more toys than their children can play with. Toys do not need to be brand new, only new to your child. Wash any plush toys, and disenfect the surfaces of any hard plastic or metal toy. Wrap and present as Christmas gifts.

Step 2
Shop your local Salvation army, hospital, or church thrift stores. These thrift stores have very low prices on toys, board games, and even electronics.

Step 3

Look in local pawn shops. Look for dvds, games for whatever type of game system your child already owns.

Step 4

Register on all lists that offer free toys during the holidays. Contact charities and churches in your area and get on their waiting list.

Step 5

Visit the dollar tree for low priced gift wrapping, decorations, and edible holiday treats.

Use these shopping tips to obtain gifts for your children for the holidays. Even if your budget is very slim, you may be able to do something memorable for your child. Many times your children simply get the most joy out of unwrapping theri gifts, and spending time with you. Do they even remember what they received last Christmas? Use the tips above to find good gifts at all price points.


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