Fake IPL Player: A pain with Disclaimer.

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Shahrukh Khan don’t speak much about a mole in team and rubbish him saying what info he has, is widely available to media as well and is in general public domain. But What this fake IPL Player is doing, a great dig in the camp but with disclaimer.

Yes I am right and all the people who read his blog know it as well.  He is commenting on Kolkata Knight Riders’ support staff and team owner regularly and giving them pain with his writing but also have put a disclaimer under his posts which is read as “All characters appearing in this work (blog) are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.”

Anyone can easily get, whom he is talking about and who the person is there in his target list but this disclaimer also gives him some chance to hide himself if he goes for any law related problem.

But I don’t think that Shahrukh Khan will go for any legal battle against that fellow as it can harm his image as he has denied presence of any such person in the team but what about his articles? Are they really fictitious or have something real in it? No matter if they are real or not but it has given a great pain to the owner and to the support staff of the team and also to those people who have faith in KKR.

Now people who hate policies of KKR team management are regularly visiting the blog and posting their comments on it. It is receiving great readership as well as high number of comments. Which is a great measure for success of any blog and it’s articles.


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