How to throw a child’s birthday party on a budget

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Your child’s birthday should be a celebration. A time of happiness and excitement. Yet, all too often parents feel stressed out by the expense of throwing a lavish party for their little ones just to keep up with Joneses. Let’s stop the madness and get back to basics. Read on for some inexpensive birthday party ideas that your child will love.

Change your mindset

Try to remember that a child’s birthday party is about your child. It is not about impressing your friends and neighbors. Repeat after me…I am not a bad parent if I don’t spend a small fortune on my child’s birthday party.

Limit the guest list

There seems to be a trend that you have to invite every single child that your child knows to their birthday party, lest anyone get their feelings hurt. Instead, sit down with your child and tell them they can invite 10 guests (or whatever number you feel s acceptable). Then help them decide which kids they really want at their party. Who are their close friends? As long as you’re not inviting the child’s entire class, but excluding two or three, then chances are other’s feelings will not be hurt.

Throw the party at home

With the number of guests drastically reduced, you don’t have to rent out a restaurant or other big space. Your house is a perfectly acceptable place to throw your child’s birthday party. Just think of it as a big play date. If it’s summer, set up a slip and slide or your sprinkler and throw a backyard bash. In the winter, have a snowman-building contest. With a little imagination, you can plan inexpensive, or better yet, free activities for the kids that will keep them happy and occupied.

Buy inexpensive decorations and favors

Check out your local birthday party supplies store for discounted decorations or party favors. Some balloons, party hats and paper horns will put a smile on any child’s face. Another good place for cheap birthday party supplies is your local dollar store.

A word about food

Try to remember that kids aren’t adults. They are probably not going to appreciate or even partake in a huge spread of food. Chips and dip, crudités, and cheese and crackers will probably be plenty to fill their little tummies. And as for the cake, instead of spending money on a store bought cake, try making individual cupcakes and have the party guests decorate their own with candies, sprinkles, etc.

Just remember, what makes an occasion special is not the money spent but the effort made. By following these suggestions, it should make for a party everyone will enjoy and remember.


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