A Great Vacation in Playa Bonita Resort

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Whenever you speak of the name Playa Bonita, other people cannot help it but think of Rocky Point. Indeed, Playa Bonita resort is synonymous of Rocky Point. Simply, the growth of Rocky Point coincided with the growth of Playa for the two had been hand in hand in becoming a favorite tourism spot.

Playa Bonita resort has been standing in Rocky Point for more than two decades now. And yet, it continues to become a leader in providing quality accommodation and warm hosting to the guests who come there.

Times like this, spring that is, Rocky Point’s population is swelling. That is because tourists, especially college students coming from Arizona, opt to come here because the resort is the nearest place to the state. This is the reason why a lot of guests here are mostly young Americans. Partying here is endless as the fun and adventure for them is also endless. The beach is really filled with people swimming, sunbathing, boating, fishing, etc – for everyone is having the best time of their spring break here.

So if you want to experience the best spring break in your life, make sure that make Playa Bonita reservations. In this way, you can have an accommodation prepared for you whenever you are in Rocky Point.


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