Christmas Decorating with Living Plants

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Nurseries and garden centers offer an ever increasing variety of plants for holiday decorating Living plants will add warmth and beauty to your home throughout the winter holidays, and they are available in many types and colors that will add interest and excitement to your holiday decorating. Here are a few plants that you may want to consider:


This is the classic holiday plant, uncontested in popularity. They look fabulous in any setting. No matter what your color scheme may be, you can probably find a poinsettia to match. Thanks to new breeding, painting, and dying techniques, poinsettias can be found in blues, purples, silver and gold, as well as their more natural red, pink and cream varieties. It is not unusual to find them sprayed with glitter as well.

Place a group of five poinsettias in a corner of your entryway or living area. Put the tallest plant on an upturned flower pot to give it height. Surround this plant with the other four plants and tie a colorful ribbon around the whole group.

Christmas cactus

A Christmas cactus makes a beautiful gift or decoration that will bring beauty and elegance to the holidays for many years. It is one of the easiest holiday plants to care for. Thanks to modern breeding methods it can now be found in shades of lavender, pink, orange and white.

Forced Bulbs

Bulbs are also very easy to grow and care for. There are many types available around the holidays, such as hyacinths, tulips, and even daffodils. Depending on the variety, most bulbs will bloom four to eight weeks after they are planted. Placed in a pot singly or grouped together in basket, they will add brilliance to any area. A collection of five color-coordinated bulbs with matching pots will add a spectacular show of color when placed in a row on a coffee or sofa table.

Amaryllises, with their showy, long-lasting, flowers, are a popular choice for holiday decorating. You can often find one of these bulbs packaged in a set with soil and a decorative planter. They are available in pink, red, white, and orange. Large, small, striped, and double blossoms are all available.

Paper white narcissus is a classy choice and will add a bit of spring to a deep kitchen window or countertop. Plant half a dozen bulbs in a decorative bowl and place in a sunny spot. Four weeks later you will be rewarded with clusters of fragrant, snowy-white blossoms.

Table Top Trees

Place a table-top tree on a buffet or center on a table as a centerpiece to add holiday cheer to an area. Herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme are often shaped into miniature trees. These herbs will add a pleasant fragrance to a room, and can be used to add a fresh taste to your holiday cooking, as well.

Small evergreens such as the Italian Stone Pine and the Dwarf Alberta Spruce make lovely table-top trees and give off that traditional pine scent so strongly associated with the holidays. They can be planted in your yard after the holidays so that you may enjoy their beauty for years to come.

It is fun to decorate table-top trees with miniature ornaments or to tie small ribbon bows on the branches. It will not harm these living trees to add a string of lights, if they are the cool-burning LED type.

Terra cotta pots can be painted in gold or silver metallic paint for a festive look, and used for any of your holiday plants. Seasonal designs can be stenciled on the pot as well. Use bright ribbons tied around the pots to accentuate the colors in your holiday color scheme. To add a festive touch, place moss and small ornaments in the pot scattered around the base of the plant.

Whether placed in groups or singly, plants can add interest to any corner of your home for the holidays. Living plants can bring brightness and life to the darkest part of the year. With the many varieties and colors that are available, you can be sure to find the perfect types to accentuate your holiday décor.


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