A Big Dog Or A Little Puppy

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When deciding to get our first dog we had no idea what we wanted and never thought much about which breed we wanted. All our friends had dogs except one couple and they had cats but, I was against cats as i never cared much for them.

My folks always had a dog around that I could remember and I thought since we had boy’s it would be nice to get a dog for them as well. One morning while setting at the breakfast table drinking my coffee and browsing over our local newspaper I saw an ad about the local dog show was coming to town. I knew it came every year but, we had never attended before so I told the wife and she agreed that was a great idea to go and look over all the different breeds and get some ideas and besides it sounded like a fun weekend.

It turned out to be the best idea and fun weekend that we had done in a long time. I nor my wife never dreamed in our wildest imaginations that there were so many different breeds of dogs. This was wild as there were huge dogs almost as tall as some humans i know speaking of myself of course as I am only 5’6″ well the wife is only 4’5″ but, anyhow dogs from all over the world and puppys were everywhere as well.

We walked all over the place looking and talking to owners of dogs asking questions about their dogs health and which food they prefered to feed their dog or dogs as some had more then one dog. It was a very fun and interesting day to say the least. We went away with more knowledge about dogs that day then we could have learned in months. Well, almost hense you’ll read later in this story.

When we got home we were setting on our sofa going over all the literature & brochures that we each had picked up about some of the dogs that we were interested in. At first we were so exhausted and seemed more confused about what we wanted but then we each calmed down and got a bit more serious and measured it down to three different breeds. We had came to the conclusion that we didn’t want a large breed dog because we had two small boys that were under the age of seven. We wanted a small dog that they could grow up with so we decided on a puppy.

But, we had yet to decide which breed to get. There was this one breed that we saw that we both fell in love with that we had neither heard of nor had never saw before. It was called a Shiba inu. It looked like a little fox and was so beautiful. I looked everywhere to try and find one as the people at the show had two puppys but they were sold. And when I did find one it was to old and not what we wanted. Next on our list was a choice of either a Pug or a Boston Terrier. We decided on the Boston Terrier and almost gave up trying to find one of those after a couple weeks of searching. I purchased a dog magazine and called so many people from out of state I thought the wife was going to kick me out of the house because of the high phone bill. One lady I talked to in WI. told me she has always had Boston Terriers and had two puppys left. She said she did have three but an eagle had swept down one evening and grabbed one and carried it away. That was so sad and almost made us change our minds.

We live in Michigan and we do have eagles but, have never saw any where we live. Her price was a little high and then adding on the cost of driving there and back it just seemed to much for our budget so we decided to keep looking. Lucky for us I’m so glad we waited. A Lady I had talked with on the phone earlier that week called me back and said she had done some searching in her address book and called some of her friends to see if any of them had any puppys or if they were about to have some. She belonged to a Boston terrier club and they always let eachother know if there are any puppys available and if so are there any people on the waiting list. Well as it turned out there was a lady that lived in IN. and it seems her feamale was about to have puppys in a few weeks and she gave me the ladys phone number.

I called her and we talked for almost an hour on the phone. She told me that she knew that two were already spoken for but, she would take my name and number and get back with me as soon as she knew anything. The wife and I were surprised and excited but, kept the excitiment to our selfs as we didn’t want the boys to know just yet. A few weeks went past and one evening I was out in the garage working on a flat tire and the wife called me in said there was a lady on the phone about a puppy. I threw down what I was doing and ran in the house and grabbed the phone. It was Mrs. Jacobs the lady in IN who had the boston puppys.

She said her feamale had the night before given birth to six babies but lost one. She said she was going to wait a week to see how they did then take them to the vet to have them all checked over and get their shots. She said she would call me back then. That was a long week but, we managed to get through it. Once again after waiting that week the phone rang and it was her telling me that she had picked out the one she wanted to keep and the other lady had picked her two out and if I wanted to make the trip to come and see the others it would be up to me to choose the time. We arrange to go that weekend coming up. This was on a Thursday.

The wife had asked her sister if she would watch the boys for us on Sat. that we were going to IN to look at a puppy. She said she would so we were as good to go. We left early on Sat. and it took us a little over five hours driving and it was tireing but well worth the trip. When we arrived Mrs. Jacobs was as nice & friendly as she could be. And those were the cutest little black & white fur balls you could imagined. Well after holding all of them what seemed like all evening we had some new interesting news. It seemed the one lady had changed her mind and only wanted one puppy so we had a choice of three instead of two. I looked at the wife and said let’s get two.

At first she said no but, hey how could you or anyone not want to take them all for that matter just looking at how cute they were. So if you guessed that we took two you are right. We purchased two puppys but they were way to young to take them home so we had to leave them for another eight long weeks and they were very long weeks believe me. Well, the time finally arrived and we had made the arranged the trip to IN and off we went again without the boys. When we got there we couldn’t believe how much they had grown in just a short amount of time. We got their papers and they had gotton all their shots and Mrs. Jacobs had everything all ready to go.She even had a small bowl of food and a jar of water ready for us to take on our trip back home. The wife had made arrangments for her sister to watch the boys at our house so they could be surprised when we arrived home. And was they ever surprised. We had a little girl and a little boy to add to our household how fun.

They have been the best dogs that we could have ever chosen for our family. They have given us all so much joy and happiness over the years and I would truly recommend that if you are looking for a dog that will set by your side or in your lap and run and play as much as you can then he or she will be there for you. They are so friendly and easy to care for them. Easy temperment and so very playful. I could go on and on about them and this story could very easy turn into a large book but, if you are looking for a companion and a friend look no further as they are that and so much more. If you are getting ready to get a dog look to see if there is going to be a Dog Show in your aera and make it a point to go. You will be amazed at all the different breeds there and it just might help you to make up your mind as to which dog to choose to add to your family. It did ours.


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