Rodel Mayol: Does He Have What It Takes?

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All men are entitled to his own 15 minutes of fame.

Hence for Rodel Mayol his own shining moment is within striking distance.

On the contrary it won’t be any another walk in the park, as Mayol will go up against arguably one of the best pure boxer to ever graced the squared ring.

Mayol will go up against Puerto rican pride Ivan Calderon.

He’ll have his hands full as Calderon, although feather-fisted is ironically one of the most feared catalyst in the lower weight classes.

Calderon boasting an impressive 32-0 record parades outstanding ring brilliance, exemplary footwork, lightning quick combinations and savvy boxing techniques.

His credentials are scintillating at any rate.

As an amateur, Calderon fought and defeated the likes of  Miguel Cotto (no joke) and Brian Viloria.

As a professional, he is a two- division world champion and is the reigning WBO light flyweight champion. Add to that he’s currently sitting at the eight spot of Ring magazine’s immaculate pound for pound list.

Not to be outdone, Mayol isn’t showing any signs of fear or uncertainty.

This fight is going to be his third shot at destiny. The first two were complete catastrophes at the hands of world champions Eagle Kyowa and Ulises Solis.

But this time it seems that Mayol looks quicker, sharper and stronger than ever. On the side note he’s showing pleasing enthusiasm thus he even participated in Manny Pacquiao’s weight loss tournament.

Bottom line, He is determined more than ever to gradient his name into the higher levels of boxing hierarchy.

In my own honest opinion. He’s one of those unheralded little guys who deserves to have a belt strap on his waist.

He deserves it but he needs to work hard to have it.

Calderon is way ahead of Kyowa and Solis. He’s a master of tactics, a sage of strategies nonetheless Mayol knows that he is due for his own fair share of 15 minutes of fame.

The question is…

Does he have what it takes?


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