Advice service: The way in social work to help people

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Advice is the one of way to people specially the people who have problems to help them find their way to solve problems. Beside, not just a people who have problems need advice. But, sometimes we not need advice but others (family members or friends or eals) give advice without we ask it. But that’s good,right? Ok,do anyone have hear Advice Service or Negotiated Service? Well,this is the way in many ways that social worker used to help their client to solve their problems and sometimes through this way, social workers will be a consultant to ‘show’ their client ‘way’ to solve their problems in a right way. Because sometimes cliend not need advice, but they need suggestions too how to do and to face their problems. and sometimes they just want the social worker listen their problems.All country in this world have their advice service (i think so),but maybe they have different procedure.Well, for the knowledge advice service will accept any complaint/problems from clients who need advice. Each client will have their own own personal file to make sure any reports and statments that clients says and tell will record in that file for reference in next time meeting if need. The caunselor will give causeling and advice if the client ask. and if the problems or complaint not in the right places (etc:need to do police report) so,the social worker must give the client advice to go to police stations to make report. There is how the social worker do their carecter as consultant.


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