Abuse in marriged: Why it’s happen and how to solve the conflict

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Any couples who had married in this whole world wants a happy family. they wants to have a good childrens and live happy ever after. They wants a good and kind families, siblings, friends and also community to give support to their marriged. This new couples needs a understanding husband or wife and also support each others, caring, loving and need bless from others. But, why abuse appear in family/merriged?

What is abuse?Abuse is a things that someone do in reasons to hurt others. This abuse can have in many types. The types is physical abuse, mental abuse, sexsual abuse or do ramous/broke others belongings that can give others feel guilty, trauma, afraid, stress and distraught. Sometimes the victims can have serious effect because of abuse. In each country in all over the world have their own laws about abuse. For couples who be abuse victims (husband or wife) and for children. Because, not just woman or children but also man can be abuse victims. Somtimes, the abuse vistimes can’t hold any abuse that they have to face and the easy way they choose to solve the problems is they kill their self. They used in any ways to kill their own self. But the way that they (abuse victims) choose are false and can give their family members specially sad and unforgivetable. If someone you know have be a abuse victims, as family members or friends or someone who near to victims give advice to the person who be abuse victims to see caunselor or phycologist to help them to solve their problems. Because, more of abuse victims will have so low self esteem and feel afraid and trauma.


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