Possible Swine Flu Closes Mauldin High School

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This is the link the actual article from WYFF.


Probable cases of Swine Flue in Newberry, SC.


The Swine flu/ H1N1 Virus has been confirmed in the state of South Carolina.

The swine flu/ H1N1 virus seems to have popped out of no where and is sending many people into a frenzy. Is it something to worry about? Of course to a point. Taking some precautions will help keep you healthy. Cover your mouth/ face when you cough/ sneeze. Wash your hands frequently. Carry hand sanitizer with you at all times if possible. Drink plenty of Orange Juice. Take your vitamins. And most importantly if you get sick stay home and/or see a doctor. Do not put others around you at risk. Simple things can make a big difference.

Another simple thing that can make a difference is not letting this stress you out. People who are in a stressed or anxious state of mind are more likely to become ill.

I don’t want to sound like a overly worried person, but I do feel this is something that should be taken seriously. My brother has a compromised immune system, he has restricted lung disease. He is more likely to become ill and have a harder time fighting it than most. I myself don’t have a strong immune system, so staying away from sickness is imperative in my household. I’m sure I’m not the only one who deals with that issue.

The point is no one wants to be sick if they can help it. Everyone must do their part to prevent illness from spreading. So everyone out there just take care of yourself.


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