How To Write An Effective Complaint Letter

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Of course when we all need to write a complaint letter because of a company doing something wrong with you. It needs to be effective and written well. And written below is a good amount of information for you!

Only complain when you need to. Do not send several letters of complaints because they will do you nothing. Try reporting the issue to the customer service first and if this does not work, then you should send a letter of complaint.

Address the letter to the right person to ensure that your problem can be solved. This would be someone like a supervisor, manage or a company executive. What is the use of sending a letter of complaint to a person who cannot do anything? So by sending a letter to someone with authority is more useful.

Please make sure that you are not using informal language on your letters. It is better to be formal and straightforward polite. By using foul language, discourteous and inflammatory, your letter is likely to be ignored.

Keep the letter a minimum of 1-2 pages. Avoid extending your letter because most of it could get ignored and bored to the reader.

Suggest to the reader about the actions you might want the him or her to take. Maybe an apology or an exchange! You decide!

Give your contact information so that the reader can reply. It is no use writing a letter without the contact information if the reader does not know who had sent the letter of complaint. Some information could also be given to solve the problem.

Do not use threats to solve the problems because one thing is sure that the problem will not be solved. Always remember that the reader does not appreciate threats. However, you can say that if the problem is not solved, you will take action. No I do not mean something like – “If you do not solve my problem I will blow your company into bits!.” This is just stupid! I do not mean action in a physical way!

So I hope this has helped my dear reader! Please take the advice and do not avoid doing something which will not get your complaint taken into mind!

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