How To Deal With A Bully In School

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There are many ways to actually sort out a bully. And below I have a few suggestions for what victims should do!

Ways to Stop Bullying!

When a bully is present, a good thing to do is make sure someone like a friend is with you. It is much better than to stay alone! When victims are alone, they tend to be more frightened of their bullies whereas by staying with your friend, you will feel more secure.

And make sure you tell your friends and family about the bullies. You cannot keep quiet EVEN if they threaten you, the only reason why they do that is because they want you to be in their grasp. By threatening you they think they can win the fear of you and so they could continue their enjoyment of hitting you always. If you tell your friends or family members, you can save yourself from the misery. Your people will help you when your in need so don’t delay in telling them!

You can inform your head teacher as well. If you would like to involve the head teacher which is a good idea, do so! By doing this you can get those bullies expelled! It is better to inform the head than a normal class teacher because they won’t take any action except telling the head. Yes they help but by telling the head you can get those punished without delay!

Back when I was in school, my friend was always bullied because he was thought to have been gay. He never told the teachers about it and so they didn’t do anything. I quietly watched him get battered! I was helpless. I tried to prevent the bullies but they never heeded me! My friend had other mates to help him, but what did they do? Nothing! Just stare and watch like as if that was going to work! I am proud in a way that I tried! The actions I took on them. But like as if those actions were doing anything that good. And those actions were, prevent the bullies from attacking. But one day my friend was getting bullied so much that a teacher reported it to the head and guess what happened? The bullies were suspended for a minimum of two weeks but of course, they came back! But they didn’t bully him as much. And you know why? Because they knew they were going to be in big trouble!

Dealing with Bullying!

So it can make a difference. But to make a difference, you need to take action. Sitting alone in one room crying your eyes out will not do any success.

We all know people are bullied for all sorts of reasons. Whether your gay or someone much different to another. It does not matter! But what matters is, your protection. You need your shield to prevent the attacks! And your shield is, your people!

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