How To Become an Acme People Search Affiliate

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Why Should You Become an Acme People Search Affiliate?

With the hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs available online I decided to join the Acme People Search Affiliate Program since it is a program I have been seeing a lot of advertising for lately. Tissa Godavitarne, from the state of Virginia, is the creator of this affiliate program. He lists his phone number, office address on his business, and shows a picture of his house stating he bought it with affiliate commissions from his People Search Engine.

Tissa also shows a copy of his 1099 claiming he made 2.2 Million dollars from just one affiliate program alone. He does admit that he spent $600,000 in advertising to reach that 2.2 million dollar income level. With so many scams on the internet claiming to be a legitimate business I decided I would join his Acme People Search affiliate program and try it out for myself.

Tissa built his affiliate program around the People Search Niche. People Search makes up 30% of the searches done on Google & Yahoo which is about 20 Billion searches every month. Tissa has invested $100,000 and 2 years of his time to create the people search database and he spends $25,000 a month to maintain this affiliate database. He has come up with a great way for people searchers to get free results and then in return he or his affiliates make commissions for these results. People who use the search engine can register with MyLife in order to get the free search results and in turn MyLife pays affiliate commissions.

This is not the only way that People Search affiliates can make commissions. Also built into Tissa’s program in addition to MyLife are Clickbank, HD Publishing, and Google AdSense. So you have 4 income streams that are built into your Acme People Search Engine. Tissa also follows up with all those people who have used your People Search Engine with auto-responder e-mails for up to one year which has great benefit to his affiliates.

Tissa encourages every user to complete 3 Steps for optimized success:

Step 1: Sign up and get registered with all the Affiliate Networks so he can put your affiliate links and ID’s into your Niche Search Engine to ensure you get credit for the leads and sales that are made so you get paid your affiliate commissions. (If you only complete step 1 your Affiliate links will only show 35% of the time.)

Step 2: He suggests that you get your own domain name and hosting so you can brand your People Search Engine to be your own. For example I chose People-Locate.Net for mine. (If you only complete step 2 then your Affiliate links are only displayed 65% of the time.)

Step 3: In order for your Affiliate links to be showing 100% of the time when someone uses your People Search Engine to get their People Search Results you have to complete step 3. This is $29.95 a month after a FREE 30 day trial but well worth the $29.95 monthly if you are driving relevant traffic (those searching for people) to your People Search Engine after the Free 30 day trial.

Join with me TODAY and getyour own People Search Engine where you can make Commissions from MyLife, Clickbank, HD Publishing and Google AdSense.

Act Now and you can make money from bringing in new affiliates to get their very own People Search Engine.

He also promotes GDI (Global Domains International) so all his Affiliates can now make a Residual Income Stream from GDI. And he is currently programming a forced matrix option so everyone can grow their GDI downline with his Referral program.

In conclusion I found the Acme People Search Affiliate Program to be one of the best affiliate programs I have ever seen. I am very impressed at how well Tissa had put together such a great program. He has been very professional and honest in answering all my questions through his webinars or support tickets.

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