Pet Peeve

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 American Heritage® Dictionary defines pet peeve NOUN: Informal Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation.  Online you can find essays and quotes on pet peeves. When I thought of writing my pet peeves, I knew there’d be lots on the subject, especially online.  Here’s my contribution to the collection.

Cyberbullying – Social networking like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace invite the same people in our society, except more of them. If an individual is a bully in everyday life, that doesn’t change when they tweet, blog or post. No people can’t say or do anything they want – not not have the target take action.

People who don’t pick-up after their dog(s). People who allow their dog to potty on the lawn, and don’t crub them.

Drop-Off.jpgI was inspired while waiting on line to drop the kids off at school. The clue here was ‘drop and off’. It’s a drop off line, so why do parents wait until they pull up – wrap the kids’ faces; give instructions, and say good-bye five times. It takes at least 10 minutes to get up to the drop off spot, more than that to drive to the school. Do you have to whole up the line, which sometimes backs up into traffic? No parents you don’t. Love your kids and plan ahead.

My next pet peeve is the pick-up line. At pick-up time the line always stretches into traffic. It’s an accident waitingarrowhead_school_drop-off.jpg to happen. Both the left and right turn lanes are blocked so long that parents turn off their cars. Parts of the problem – your child gets in your car, but the five or six cars in front are still waiting for their kids. They’re still in the school. Simple you think, get your kid and drive your car around. You can’t, the whistle lady won’t let you; you must wait for the kids in those five cars – no going around. So you sit, and other kids have to sit on the ground inhaling fumes from idling cars. Again it sometimes takes so long; people finally turn off their cars. Complain and the school administration will periodically change the person in charge of pick-up.  Nothing seems to help the cars blocking traffic.

Do you have a pet peeve? Share with the rest of us….please!


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