to be strong

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I have recently lost someone that meant a great deal to me. My friends think I cant move forward and that I will only be stuck in this rut. I have since started to see a therapist he is something else. The psychologist is perscribing zoloft and hopes that it will help with my depression. My boss seems to think I cant pull through it and wants to fire me now more then ever. I know this isnt quite what you think of a good article but hear is what it boils down to. Those of us that need help most of the time we cant find it. We have this beleife that no one wants us to help and we go deeper into depression hopeing for that glimmer of light that will guide us. But what I have learned so far is even though we cant trust people we are the ones that do not want to escape the problem but instead avoid it. Every one else cant helpl us. We have to take one step forward and follow that foot and I know that it can be very difficult and a journey we do not want to take but we have to.We cant give in to the depression and allow our own guilt to control us we have to keep going and face the facts that we are just people and that as a whole we can do anything to solve any problem that we come across. We are not alone we do have friends though sometimes they dont help they are their to talk to. We have to recognize that we are no better and no worse then any one that walks the face of the earth.

We must never fail to begin or end what what we see. We must never give up on ourselfs. We are better then we think and we can win this. Thank you for reading


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