Two alternative ways to find images for our articles

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Searching the web for images is always a time consuming task and often one sack of useless publicity ends up us in the research. We may need images released under a particular licence so we can use them in our blog. And we may need to search them not only by tags but by colour too, so we can use them in a particular template.

There are two free tools that can help us in this task.

An alternative way : search images by colours

Goodness knows all the times you have looked for an image with particular colours, adapting to the colours of the template of your blog or of a graphic composition. If you have tried the advanced Google search for colour, could have seen how much is limited. There is a tool on the web that comes to help us in this task. Its name is Multicolr Search Lab and it’s a colour-based search engine.

Multicolr Search Lab helps us to search images between 10.000 Flickr images , using colours as parameters. This is possible thanks to the Visual Similarity Technology by Idée. You can select up to 10 colours to search or insert several times the same colour to have a greater correspondence. As soon as a colour with the small shovels is chosen on the right the images appear in a grill. Adding new colours the results change adapting to our criteria. Multicolr search between images licensed under Creative commons, so we can use it in our blogs.

Easy search from the desktop

Ginipic is free application that is installed on the pc and lets you carry a research from more sources directly from your desktop. Ginipic carries out the research for the most important sites of file sharing: Flickr, Google, Yahoo, SmugMug, deviantArt, Livesearch, Picasa and Photobucket and it shows the previews in a page. For each image several formats are disposable, from the thumbnail to the original image and the information about the type of copyright too. To save the image, as soon as the format was chosen, we can simply drag and drop it to the desktop.


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