“The New Her”

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“The New Her”

She was once in love with many guys
because she did not want to confront herself,
but that eventually caught up to her. A phase
in her life was now ruined  because of a belief
that is no longer valid. She has no reason for
others to love her when she doesn’t even love
herself. Therefore, she realized that one belief
is now gone as well and what is now a dark cove
that has been beaten upon and is now worn
out by the waves. Now she brings a new light to surface
and face everything that has been a painful thorn
to her heart. She has not found a place
in anyone’s heart because she has none
in her own, so she searches to find her face
in this world and is beginning to love herself
now, as well as, realizing that is all she needs for her heart
to be happy. Her head is no longer feeling loud 
with confusion and irritiation, but still feeling hurt
sometimes. That does not get he best of her
anymore though. She is becoming herself again just
with a few tweeks of difference of things that have occured
to ther and she is begining to learning how to trust
again and becoming stronger in belief of her strength
that has always been inside of her. With help
of her loved ones dear to her heart and breath
she is overcoming  what she thought
was the impossible, but was just the improbable
to her mind. Always thinking negatively before
she is beginning to see the glass half full
instead of half empty. Now the shore
line is getting clearer and the pull
of the cove is getting weaker as every day
passes by her. Soon she will be sitting
on the sand laying out getting sun.


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