Something That Maybe and Realization

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“Somethings That Maybe”

Sometimes it seems as if the past is
what might of seemed right. You lost
everything and gave up all that was
true to your heart. Time has healed most
but will not heal the true love in
your heart. How does one get over
that in a matter of fact? You have been
throught a lot with each other
but seemed to have ended in this
place. It maybe confusing but things
have a way of showing whats true to
our heart. You both still have feelings
of love for each other but are all scared to
see what will get started again. There
are those who used to believe you
two were soulmates and you believed
it once too. The love that was once acrued
is still there. You two just need to
see that this is not coincidence.


I feel as if i have lost a part
of myself. Stuck in a warp hole
for so long that my body seems detached
from my mind and heart. Feeling cold
is not something I want. To feel that
I belong is something is something I long for.
Was stuck in a hole with a boy who is a bat
and then realizing I lost my floor
was an earthquake of an experience.
My heart is now gone and is looking
for comfort in the closest thing that makes sense
to me. I love my group for understanding
everything and bringing a smile out, but
to fall in love again is a hardship
I wish was made easy. I feel I am stuck in a rut
though, with the one who truely holds
my heart dear. It is he who’s
eyes and touch that can bring back
memories and melt the inside core.
He though is a confusing but happy thought
in wondering about us. Only he bears
the untimate touch and I hope
some how I can win him back.


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