How to Overcome Jealousy when You’re Dating a Married Man

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When you’re dating a married man, there may come a time when your actions may let on to him that you’re jealous of his wife and “other life”. The minute that you start to feel that you’ve been having moments of jealousy, deal with it right then and have the courage to admit that you’re jealous. It’s always a bad thing to deny these feelings to yourself and find out what the cause is and what the root cause of these undesirable feelings that make you unhappy

If you won’t admit it to yourself, you’re not going to be able to communicate to your partner in an honest manner. With the willingness to admit to yourself that you’re having jealous thoughts and feelings, even if after someone else confronts you about how you feel and behave while in the relationship with the man you’re dating, you’re on the right track. Penning feelings up in a small area doesn’t mean that you’re keeping them from others, it can also be that you’re denying yourself self-expression. If you have friends that can understand the affair or dating relationship you have with the married man you’re with,  discuss your man with them, it might do wonders for putting your mind at ease, depending on your personality type. As an introvert myself I usually keep my own counsel but I think it would be a good thing to tell my partner I’m jealous, because my partner is the only one who can help me cope with the situation.

A major tip is that you shouldn’t ever compare your relationship with that of others. This is true in every relationship but even more true in dating a married man as this type of dating relationship is unique in manners beyond even being a relationship separate from your friends’ relationships and those you’ve observed or encountered before.

Once you’re able to get a handle on these feelings by focusing on what’s really happening and not only relying on perceiving but discussing your relationship with your partner, you’ll be preventing getting obsessed over your partner, contributing positively to the functioning of your relationship. So, if you’ve having feelings of insecurity these will likely solve themselves through communicating and understanding what’s going on allow you to pursue your goals and other aspects of your life, ensuring a healthy relationship for as long as you and your lover want it to last.


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