Lord of the Rings Online Beginning Farmer’s Guide

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Every mmorpg player will engage in farming at some time or another.  Usually farming is a slang term used for collecting gold and items.  In Lord of the Rings Online, farming skills can be taking far more literally than they can in other games.  As with prospecting and forestry, farming is a gathering trade skill that can be used to collect the ingredients that cooks will need to produce their culinary wonders.

Where Farming Can be Practiced

Lord of the Rings Online Farmers must learn to ply their trade in the many farms and fields.  Although it might make sense that a forest would provide many ingredients that a chef in the world of Middle Earth might need, that is not how the programmers chose to implement the skill.  He’ll also need one or two farming implements such as a hoe and shovel.  The good news is that he will not need to engage in such tedious tasks like weeding that take up the time of gardeners in real life.

Growing Plants in LOTRO

Plants need the same things to grow in Lord of the Rings Online that they do in real life.  The game will supply the dirt and the sun.  The player must supply the water and the fertilizer.  When he finds himself at a handy field, he should visit one of the vendors and see what seeds are available.  Naturally, a player will start his illustrious career growing fruits and vegetables through the tilling of the soil.   Come back to the field where the seeds are planted to pour water on the seeds occasionally.  Eventually the player will have fresh fruits or vegetable to be picked up.

Processing the Produce

Once the goods have been harvested and the resulting tier experienced gained, the user must produce them into a form that other players can use.  How this is done varies depending on what is produced, but the process does not take as long as some other necessary steps for other trade skills. (The tanning of leather goods is an example of this.)  The in-game menus help a player know what he needs to do.

This information, while basic, should help a player get through all the tiers of farming in the world of Middle Earth.  If a player can meet a cook, he has a viable way to sell the goods he produces with this skill.


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