Swine Flu: Now A Pandemic

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A flu outbreak in Mexico has caused the death of over one hundred people. It is a new strain of swine influenza that can attack anyone.

The World Health Organization has raised its global pandemic alert to level 6 now a pandemic, meaning they feel the virus causing the swine flu outbreak is easily transmitting between people.

Symtoms of Swine Flu

fever-runny nose-sore throat-nausea-vomiting-diarrhea-muscle and joint pain-and shortness of breath.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration issued emergency authorization allowing the ditribution of certain drugs by a broader range of health care workers and loosens age limits for their use.

W.H.O has confirmed the virus has spread from Mexico to Canada, United States, and even Europe. It is growing daily because there is now about hundred of cases including death in Canada in the United States, who was visiting from Mexico. Each country say they are preparing for the worse. Canada says they are prepared because they have been through SARS.

So far the swine flu virus has caused all countries to issue travel advisory to people entering Mexico and people are still travelling (huh). The rate this virus is going with travellers from country to country it is now there can be a influenza pandemic. So we are asking all people to do their part. Little things like if you are sick stay home, cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing and ofcourse wash your hands on a regular basis.

Keep posted to your local news media for updates so you can protect you and your family members, and we will get through this.


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